About our restaurant and take away

Goa Spice Premier is a new Indian restaurant within the heart of Exeter. We are not new to the restaurant trade and we come with over 20 years of experience with working and owning successful restaurants all over the UK. Goa Spice Premier is now the culmination of a career we both enjoy and has resulted in a Goan inspired Indian restaurant and takeaway with a simple, freshly prepared and home cooked menu that offers something refreshingly different.

According to Trip Advisor, we are the Best Indian Restaurant in Exeter!

Our restaurant comprises of 4 distinct areas:

The Bar

We have a small bar area where you are welcome to wait with a quiet drink for your takeaway.
We serve a wide range of drinks including Cobra and soft drinks.

Area 1

Seating around 30 people, we have aimed for a contemporary feel in our first section on the lower level.

This area is a large, airy space and is separated enough from the bar to ensure a private meal from those collecting take away.

Area 2

This is what we call the Party Room and offers seating for 20 people on one longer table.

This is on a higher level to area 1 and has a small, waist high wall around to help separate it from the rest of the restaurant and makes it perfect for smaller groups such as to celebrate birthdays or to have a casual dinner.

Area 3

We have aimed to create a more authentic area in what we call the Elephant Room. This area seats around 30 people.

The Elephant room is behind the bar on a higher level and features a more traditional styling from the rest of the restaurant.